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Sophie Mepham GCP - Good Clinical Practice

Sophie Mepham GCP provides CPD accredited education and training as well to hospitals, research institutes and clinical trials staff.  Sophie Mepham GCP offers practical and effective ways to implement and manage Good Clinical Practice at sites and to support staff involved in managing externally sponsored trials and site-sponsored Investigator Initiated Trials. Services include face to face and on line GCP education and training and GCP train the trainer.

GCP In-Person Training

GCP training in person: Sophie Mepham GCP offers comprehensive CPD accredited and TransCelerate accredited Good Clinical Practice training across the Australian (and global) healthcare and academic sector. GCP training can be delivered online via videoconference (Covid safe) or face to face where safe to do so. Introduction to GCP and Refresher GCP options are available.

GCP Online Education

Refresher GCP training online: Sophie Mepham GCP offers CPD accredited and TransCelerate accredited online Refresher GCP training for students to self complete in their own time. Unlike other online courses, this high-level Refresher GCP course can be completed in just 60-90 minutes. This course is particularly suited to staff who already have at least a basic level of understanding of clinical trials and Good Clinical Practice and who are looking to update their training. Current programs include specific modules for:

  • The Australian Clinical Trial sector - includes information specific to Australian regulations and competent authority

  • The Global Clinical Trial sector - a module that focuses only on the principles of Good Clinical Practice and is suitable for students in any country around the world

  • The Singapore Clinical Trial sector - includes information specific to Singapore regulations and competent authority (coming soon)

  • The UK Clinical Trial sector - includes information specific to UK regulations and competent authority (coming soon)

GCP Train The Trainer

GCP Train the Trainer: Sophie Mepham GCP offers a CPD accredited andTransCelerate accredited GCP Train the Trainer program. The program allows and supports organisations to deliver their own GCP  training in-house. Sophie Mepham will train your own staff to become GCP trainers and provide all the materials needed to deliver the program. Programs include Introduction to GCP, Refresher GCP and short sessions for nursing, pathology, pharmacy and radiology staff. Staff attending the Introduction to GCP or Refresher GCP training can claim CPD points for for their attendance where applicable.Material is updated whenever regulations change. Click here for more details.

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